Pictures of Iowa,

Images by Michael Larsen

Pictures of Iowa, Images by Michael Larsen
are colorful images taken by Michael in Iowa
along with other locations he has visited.

Pictures of Iowa

These beautiful Pictures of Iowa, and Images by Michael Larsen are scenic photos that capture the heart and beauty of Iowa. Pictures including covered bridges, nature landscapes, farms/barns/animals, the Iowa State Fair, Des Moines skylines and buildings.

Des Moines Downtown & Nomad SculptureDes Moines
              Yankee Doodle Pops Fireworks
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Big Creek State Park Red Susnet
Okoboji Sun
There is a large variety of colorful Pictures of Iowa
in all types and styles for you to view.

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Big Creek Kayak Into the Sunset
Neil Smith BIke Path in Fall

There are many recreational opportunities all around the area with biking, boating, kayaking, fishing, bicycling, etc., etc.

Pictures Colorado
Boulder Flar Irons at SunriseGarden of the Gods at Sunrise
Garden of the Gods Panoramic

Rocky Mountain Nat Park Panograph
Two great views of two great parks, Garden of the Gods and Rocky Mountain National Park. There are many great views if you have the time the patience and great the right light at the right time of the day..

These are some of the many Pictures of Colorado shown on another page. I will be adding photos as I refine the images so check back periodically.

Pictures of California

California Northern CoastGolden Gate Bridge
Pictures of California offers many opportunities. I love to travel around northern California and I have a lot  images of various place.

San Francisco BridgesCalifornia Light House

San Francisco is place of many images. The opportunities are
on every hill, corner and direction.

For these other other Pictures of California

Bodie CaliforniaYosemite National Park

The eastern Sierras are also full of great places for some fantastic images. Ghost towns, mountains, national parks. water falls, giant sequoia, etc.

Pictures of Photo Art

Eastern Sierra Shack

Photo Art is something I like to play with to change the look of my images.
Red Rock Geese

They remove some of the clutter and cleanup the image, add contrast and painterly type effects to the image
Colorado Flat Irons with Barn
There are many Photoshop plug-ins to apply to the images.
Look at the various photo on the tabs at the left to see what can be done.

Enjoy the many images that are on my web site. I will be adding images all the time and will continue to expand the amount of photos.

The site is just getting started, but keep checking back because in the next month there will be a gallery of Michael's pictures of Iowa. You will be able to find every type of photo you are looking for here. 

If a specific picture of Iowa is not on this list that you are looking for, then email Michael, as his collection of Iowa pictures is in the thousands and will surely be able to find just the right one for you. 

Do you need a photograph of Iowa or an Iowa scene for something specific? Michael is available for special assignments in the Des Moines area.